Owner Builder Videos

Owner Builder Online has a growing number of original videos covering different aspects of the residential construction process. Each owner builder video is a brief introduction to a portion of the building process. Our intial videos covered underslab preparation and inspection, framing layout, raised floor or crawlspace foundations, rough electrical, insulation and flatwork.

New Videos and the Building Process Series

We are slowly but surely adding videos. We have begun editing our Building Process Video Series. This series follows a custom home building project in the Las Vegas area. I am releasing these videos in chronological order. This will help as you are getting ready to build your project to recognize the steps to the construction process. Prior to entering a new phase of construction, review our video page. Hopefully, we will have that portion of the process covered.

Building Process Video Series

We have more building process videos, consruction videos and owner builder videos coming. I am editing our building process videos in chronological order. Once complete, the series will act as a guide to building a home from start to finish. Stay tuned.

Underslab Plumbing and Electrical

Correct installation of the underslab plumbing and electrical is critical. If mistakes are made, they are rarely identified till late in the construction process. It then becomes very expensive to locate the failure, tear up existing concrete, repair and re-pour concrete. This shows the importance of accurate drawings, good communication and the use of licensed contractors.

Underslab Plumbing 1

Underslab Plumbing 2

Underslab Electrical and Sweeps

Owner Builder Video: Monolithic Post Tension Preslab

A monolithic slab differs from a tradition slab in that the entire assembly is poured at once. This includes the footing, stemwall and slab.

The following video is a brief introduction to a post tension monolithic preslab. The owner builder should be familiar with some basics, however, there will be a great reliance on the licensed concrete contractor.

Owner Builder: Crawlspace Foundation

In this video we discuss the vented crawlspace foundation. First we take a look at the building process and then we take a look inside a crawlspace that is under construction.

Owner Builder Video: Framing Layout

The framing layout is the roadmap that the framing crews follow to build your home. Details, measurements, openings and necessary changes or corrections will be noted on the slab.

Blown Cellulose Vs. Fiberglass Batts

In this video we discuss the advantages of using blown cellulose insulation on the owner builder project.

Flatwork Concrete Video

The owner builder should consider their flatwork when selecting their lot. Steep driveways can be dangerous and/or inconvenient. If a home is built below street level with a steep driveway into the garage, there is the potential for problems with water running into the house, and ice causing a slip hazard or crash hazard for a vehicle. If a house is higher up and the driveway is steep, there is a risk when entering the street under wet or icy conditions. Take these issues into account when selecting your lot.

Flatwork is one of the last tasks in the building process. This is so there will be less chance to damage the finished concrete.