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In an attempt to improve the Owner Builder Online experience, we have started a second website, www.ownerbuilderonline.net . This site has many of the same articles and videos but is formatted differently. Also, there is a databased directory for contractors and owner builders to not only get listed in the areas they do business, but also to build a page for their business or project.

Each feature page includes a large description area for a contractor to describe their business, give company history or simply sell their brand. In addition, small image files and video files may be uploaded to the page. For instance, if there are project pictures or a short video commercial, a registered user of the site could load them onto their feature page.

Each entry has boxes for meta keywords and meta description. These help search engines find your page. Also, a listing may be entered into 5 categories. For instance, Arizona-Maricopa County-General Contractors= 1 category. If a company needs broader exposure, it would be possible for them to include additional areas of operation and specialty in their description box.

Remember, however, that while listings are free, each contractor also may be subject to scrutiny. We allow ratings and reviews of contractors. Those will appear on the contractor's page.

You must be a registered user of www.ownerbuilderonline.net before you can "add entry" on the Contractor's Directory. This is fairly simple. There is a box labeled "Register Now" on the top navigation bar of the home page. After registering, log on via the login box on the lower right of each page. Once logged on, go to "Contractors" and click "add entry." A full submission box will appear. If you have not yet registered, it will prompt you to do so. Remember, there is no charge to either register or to create a listing for your company.

Anytime you would like to edit your page, simply log back on and return to contractors. You will always have access to make immediate changes to your feature page.

Thank you for visiting www.ownerbuilderonline.com and we hope to see you here and/or on our sister site www.ownerbuilderonline.net very soon.

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