Power Tools and Kits

Welcome to the Owner Builder Online Tool Store. I am starting out with the tools I always found important on the jobsite. Cordless Power Tools are always handy. Having a good combo tool kit enables the owner builder to take care of small fixes and issues on their own. Tool Kits are also fantastic gifts for birthdays, and especially for Christmas.

As with our other stores, the Tool Store is, at least for the time being without inventory. I was unhappy with the merchant partnerships we had and will be actively searching for better tool suppliers and sales platforms for the site. Our goal is always to provide a good product for our visitors. This, when discussing power tools, means affordable quality.

For now, my suggestion is to shop the Home Improvement warehouse stores for combo kits. There is almost always some quality cordless power tool combinations on sale, clearance or special.

While I hesitate to endorse any particular product or store, I will say this, I have had great experience with Craftsman Cordless tools. They are in the more affordable range, backed up by great warrantee, perform well on the jobsite and are sturdy.

Thanks for visiting Owner Builder Online.

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