Lighting Fixtures: Chandeliers

The Chandelier is among the most expensive light fixtures you will purchase. There are normally two to three chandelier light fixtures purchased in a lighting package.

The Dining Room Chandelier hangs low over where the dining table is supposed to be located in a home. I have bumped my head during many walk throughs because of the low hanging fixture.

The foyer of a new home also has a hanging chandelier in most cases. This is often a matching fixture or slightly smaller than the dining room light. In some cases, if there is a "grand" foyer or entry, the hanging light fixture will be very large.

The Outside entryway will have a front porch light in a more modest home but if the exterior has a high ceiling, a chandelier will often be present. This may or may not match the interior fixtures. The exterior appearance of the home may call for a different type of chandelier.

It is a good idea to visit local home improvement stores to view their lighting packages, budget them out and see if any are a good fit with your home's design. Another great idea is to walk model homes that already have fixtures installed with set paint colors, cabinets and flooring. You can get a good feel for what you may want as you proceed with your own project.