Owner Builder Construction

We are building pages to cover every area of residential construction. We have a long way to go but many of the primary tasks are covered in the following pages.

Owner builders should review the different tasks involved in building a house for a better understanding of the process. This will help in the management of their projects. Management is the key to successful constructoin.

Here at ownerbuilderonline.com we are attempting to build a one stop shop for owner builders, subcontractors, contractors, construction suppliers and realtors to network and make the connections neccessary for completion of each owner builder project.

Construction Related Pages


We briefly discuss trade subcontractors and their tasks during the rough construction phase of homebuilding.

Construction Safety: Jobsite Safety

Construction is considered among the most dangerous industries in the country. Some aspects are more dangerous than others but there are perils in every phase of homebuilding. We discuss safety concerns, OSHA regulations, and steps to reduce risk on the jobsite.

Construction Site Cleanup

Making sure the jobsite is clean and relatively clear of debris is critical to job performance and safety during construction. Allowing trash to build up in and around the home reflects poorly on the general contractor, tradesmen and the owner builder. There are companies that specialize in trash removal and scheduled jobsite clean up.

SWPPP: Storm Water Polution Prevention Plans

The EPA has determined that construction runoff carries dangerous debris and chemicals that may pollute stormwater and reservoirs. Ultimately, this can damage fresh water storage and wildlife habits. Regulations have been put in place to prevent this "Storm Water Pollution." Project managers should have plans enacted to keep construction materials out of the local water supply.


Site Prep and excavation are often overlooked in project cost estimates. This normally results in unaccounted for costs eating into profits OR to a reduction in back end budget items. Cut and fill to level the building pad can run into the tens of thousands of dollars and excavation costs should be a priority consideration when selecting property and determining a budget.

Excavation also is required when preparing a foundation, digging footings and trenching for underslab plumbing.

Underslab Plumbing

Slab on grade foundations require that plumbing wastelines be installed underneath the slab before concrete is poured. This is another "no mistakes allowed" phase of the construction process. missing a wasteline and pouring concrete means tearing up concrete later to fix it and incurring huge costs and delays. This can be exacerbated even more if the foundation is a post-tension slab with cables under pressure.

Crawlspace Foundation

Crawlspace foundations are popular in colder climates and for good reason. The thermal value of the ground in colder regions is not beneficial to warmth and lifting the floor allows for it to be insulated. Other advantages to crawlspace foundations are easy access to plumbing and heating components and potentially less cost during site prep. However, additional framing costs will be have to be figured because of ponywalls, piers, beams and flooring materials and construction.

Concrete Slab

Monolithic Post Tension Concrete

Framing Construction, Rough Framing, Carpentry

Roof Trusses

Windows-Finding the Right Windows for Your Construction Project

Owner Builder Roughs ( Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC )

Plumbing-Rough Plumbing and Inspections

Low Voltage Electric- Phone Lines, Cable, and Alarms

Stucco-Premier Siding Choice of the Southwest

Insulation-Make your home energy efficient



Finish ( Trim ) Contractors

Trim Carpentry-Baseboards, Casing, Doors, Mouldings, Crown

Painting-Interior and Exterior

House Painting Expert-Tips for the Owner Builder

Flooring Choices-Tile

Cabinets- Kitchens and Bath

Countertops-Kitchens and Bath

Light Fixtures- Beautify the Home

Gas Meter-Utilities and Construciton

Concrete Flatwork-Driveways, Patios and Sidewalks

Concrete flatwork has evolved into a construction task that serves more than just a utilitarian purpose. More and more, decorative concrete has become common way to dress up the appearance of your home. It is done with stamped concrete, patterned concrete and colored concrete.

Outdoor Kitchens- Grills and Entertaining

We explore some options to liven up your outdoor space. Make your backyard a center of attention and a place to entertain and gather. Include an outdoor kitchen in your building plan.

Landscaping-Finishing Touches on Project

Landscaping is an often underfunded aspect of construction and particularly of residential construction. Consider the neighborhoods you have visited with empty front yards covered in cheap rock. While this may be what some homeowner prefer, many times it is a result of poor budgeting and landscaping is last on the list.