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The Arizona Owner Builder could be looking to build their dream home in any corner of the state. Arizona is one of the fastest growing states in the US and now has over 6,000,000 residents.

We will try to provide information on the Owner Builder Process in general as well as information specifically useful for Arizona residents.

This will include our Contractor Pages, links to local government agencies and eventually our land listings.

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Arizona Construction

Arizona is a state of unbearable high summer temperatures in the lower elevations and extreme winter cold and snow in the higher elevations. Both conditions require that the Arizona owner builder plan carefully when undertaking their project.

Summer Concrete

The impact of weather is especially critical when dealing with concrete. Concrete that is poured in the heat of a summer day will set too quickly and will be nearly impossible to finish. The result will be horrible. Nearly all concrete set during the hot Phoenix summer is poured while it is still dark ( at 4 or 5 am ). This allows the finishers to get on the slab before the heat of the day.

Winter Concrete

Concrete that is poured in colder regions should be protected from freezing while it cures. If not, it will begin to expand, chip and possibly seize. There are different methods of protection, such as hay and blankets. Discuss this with your concrete contractor to insure they have a plan in place. If you can avoid setting in freezing weather, you are better off.

Scheduling for Winter

Cold and precipitation during the winter months in northern Arizona can put a damper on exterior construction work. If you live in higher elevations, it makes sense to start your construction before the onset of winter to make sure your house is covered up before the cold, rain or snow sets in. This will allow your interior contractors to continue work throughout the winter months.

Schedule ahead and stay on top of your subcontractors. Realize that a few missed days can easily turn into a project behind schedule several weeks. Don't be caught in the dead of winter with your house not dried in. It will be a nightmare getting your exterior subs to complete their work in freezing weather, cold rain or snow.

If you are building in the central and southern part of the state however, the winter months are mild enough to start and rough projects. It may even be preferable for the outdoor crews to work between October and April in Phoenix and Tucson.


Remember that many neighborhoods throughout the state have home owner's associations. Additional planning, rules and approvals may be required to build in such a neighborhood. Architectural approvals will be needed when selecting the style of exterior, square footage, paint colors, landscaping and even square footage. If you have a certain type of home in mind, find out about your associations rules before purchasing a property. THE ARIZONA OWNER BUILDER SHOULD ALWAYS CONSIDER ENERGY EFFICIENCY WHEN BUILDING THEIR HOME.