Owner Builder Online: Step by Step Construction Management

Welcome to OwnerBuilderOnline.com. Our goal is to help the owner builder prepare and proceed with their construction project. Many people are apprehensive about building their own home. Our site provides information that will simplify the home building process.

We discuss home building issues such as contractor relations, scheduling and lot preparation. We also have informative articles on specific areas of the construction process.

Construction Videos

Be sure to visit our rapidly developing video page. New building process videos are published almost weekly. The Building Process Video Series covers the construction of a custom home from dirt through finish.

A recent visitor to our Video Series had this to say,

"This is the best home building series I've seen anywhere. Excellent tips and cautions. Lays out the steps logically. I'm on my second trip thru the videos as I prepare to owner build our dream home, ... Keep 'em coming and thanks."

You Can Build Your Own Home

Most general contractors are not master builders. They are managers. For decades, home construction has become more and more specialized. There are 20-40 trade contractors that may be working on a single building project. Managing construction doesn't take a master carpenter, but a person that can schedule, delegate and direct traffic on the jobsite. We help develop those skills by providing information derived from years of construction experience.

We discuss not only construction management but also site selection, construction methods, energy efficiency and selecting building materials. Part of building your own home is knowing quality, affordable materials to use, from start to finish. This may include selecting energy efficient products such as Low-E windows or choosing building materials that contribute to sustainability. Much of the time, however, quality and value are the most important factors when selecting products and materials.

In addition, OwnerBuilderOnline.com is becoming a one stop shop for contractors and builders to find information, make contacts, and get noticed. We have loads of informational pages covering topics ranging from the bid process through building inspections, plus our free contractor's directory.

Free Contractor's Directory

We are developing Contractor Services pages. Licensed contractors can get free internet exposure for their business by listing with www.ownerbuilderonline.com.


BlockBuilder 2

Construction Videos: Building Process Series and Homebuilding Topics

Ownerbuilder Videos are being added regularly and we are building an extensive library of instructional FREE videos covering every aspect of residential construction.

We have had over 1,000,000 views of our construction videos. Thanks so much to those who visit the site and our YouTube Channel.

Construction and Real Estate

Construction and Real Estate are symbiotic industries. One is dependent very often on the other. Many general contractors are licensed real estate agents or have agents on staff. Nearly all large real estate development firms have contracting credentials and experience to complement their real estate investment focus.

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